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E-Rabs volunteer time before Thanksgiving

Connor Fowler, Copy Editor

December 11, 2019

We always take what we have for granted; we forget to cherish the families we have, the clothes on our backs, food in our bellies and a home we can sleep in. So many forget to give thanks on the holidays when we’re supposed ...

A chance for East to give back

Connor Fowler, Copy Editor

December 4, 2019

 The climax of the “thankful season” is nearly here, and many are preparing their gullets and stomachs for the turkey, gravy, stuffing and casseroles. While ovens broil and potatoes boil, many in our nation face the struggle...

East High Theater Department Makes it “BIG”

Alyssa Kelley, People Editor

November 22, 2019

   East’s first production of the year, BIG The Musical, will start on Nov. 22. There is a lot of excitement surrounding it this year, as there were no shows out of the theater department last year. With the new theater teach...

Classes compete at Powder Puff 2019

Hailey Hunter and Briana Porras

November 7, 2019

   The 2019 Homecoming Week was full of fun, tradition, and memories for the East E-Rabs. There was a lot to do and see throughout the week, but it was an especially busy time for juniors and seniors. Both classes were taki...

Senior year starts off rough

Adriana Sanchez, Opinions editor

October 29, 2019

As this school year settles in, East High students prepare to head into their second quarter. As a Senior, this is when we start thinking of life after high school. As you may already know, senioritis is a real thing, at least in my...

Vans and high wasted jeans, fashion at its finest.

Chastity Myers, Reporter

March 20, 2019

  Q:What is your favorite fashion trend and why? A: “Overalls because you can put any shirt underneath them and still look nice,” said Julian Vallejo, class of 2020.   A:” Dresses because they make y...

Q: If school was a movie, what movie would we all be in?

Chastity Myers

March 6, 2019

    A: “This school could not be just one movie because it’s so diverse”, said Samantha Mccoa.   A: “13 reasons why, Because of all the gossip and how toxic high school relationship can be,"...

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