East Highlights

  • March 6March 24 - April 2 - Spring Break

  • February 14Boys to Men - Every Tuesday - 3:50-5:00 p.m. - Room 105

  • October 5GSA - Every Friday - 7:30-8:15 a.m. - Room 225

2017-2018 Staff

Maddie Taylor

Broadcast team

12th grade 1st year in newspaper Broadcast team

Rin Neimeyer


  11th grade 1st year in newspaper Reporter

Indira Gallegos

In-Depth Editor

11th grade 1st year in newspaper In-Depth Editor

Chris White

Broadcast team

12th grade 1st year in newspaper Broad cast team Morning Announcements "I want to make East Highlights the best East Highlights its ever been"...

Karen Arias


12th grader 2nd year in newspaper Editor-In-Chief Meet Me Monday "I decided to be Editor-In-Chief because I believe I have leadership characteristic and I love learning and helping others. Being an Editor-In-Chief all...

Brittany Glidden


East for 13 years 11 years in East Highlights. Adviser "I love empowering students to express themselves."...

Riley Rosser

Business Associate

12th grader 1st year in newspaper Business Associate "The grind never ends"...

Adriana Sanchez


10th grader 1st year Profile interviews "I think it's cool to hear people's different perspectives"...

Madie Miller

Copy Editor

11th grader 1st year in newspaper Copy Editor "I chose these positions because I love to write, and I really love to edit things and challenge myself"...

Liz Napier

Digital Editor

12th grader 1st year in newspaper Digital Editor "I chose this position to challenge myself and East Highlights"...

Alondra Lavariega

Graphics Manager

12th grader 1st year in newspaper Graphics manager and Geo filters "I choose to be graphics manager because it made sense since I am the Yearbook Editor-In-Chief and I have access to multiple photos"...

Michalea Davis


12th grader 2nd year in newspaper Reporter "I love to write, so I thought why not report"...

Jasmina Singmouangthong

Sports Editor

1st year in newspaper Sports Editor "I chose to be a sports editor because I love sports in general and I enjoy taking action photos of them"...

Ashlee Dickerson

People Editor

11th grader. 1st year in newspaper. Co-Section-Editor Feature-Editor |"I like writing stories for about people, and Mrs.Glidden said it'd be a good idea."...

Madison Beck

People and Entertainment Editor

11th grader 1st year in newspaper Co-section-Editor Feature-Editor "Mrs.Glidden  thought that since I have taken graphic design it'd help for the newspaper"...

Talia Johnson

Opinions Editor

12th grade 1st year in newspaper Section Editor controversy blogger "I feel like what's right"...

Brandon Kuri

Business associate

12th grade 1st year in newspaper business associate Sales "I'd like to try to be as effective in promoting East and so I found this gig and decided why not help out."...

Kaitlin Swick


12th grader 3rd year in newspaper Editor-In-Chief "I chose to be an editor-in-chief because I know I can handle it and this class has a lot to offer these new students"  ...

Nikolas Bowers


Grade 12, 3rd year in Newspaper, Editor-in-Chief, Events Editor, "I take newspaper for many reasons, but my main goal more specifically would be to advance my journalistic abilities while also helping my fellow classmate...

Cole Bathje

Broadcast team

Grade 12, 1st year in Newspaper, Broadcast team, Morning Announcements, "I want to take my talents to a new level."...

Sam Paraggua

News and Digital Editor

Grade 12, 2nd year in Newspaper, News Editor, Food Videos, "I was actually put in this class when I didn't even sign up for it, but now I am really happy to be here since the stories I write are always interesting."...

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