East Highlights

2019-2020 Staff

Jackson Wyatt

Digital Editor-in-Chief

"Writing has always been my biggest passion, and while I'm most comfortable writing fiction, East Highlights helps me fine-tune a lot of my skills."

Braulio Saucedo

Print Editor-in-Chief

"Newspaper is a way for me to not only meet new people, but to hear their story and make it be heard."

Connor Fowler

Copy Editor

“Newspaper is important to me because the spreading of information is important. Knowledge is power, and it is up to us to give our readers that power.”

Tabitha Yoakum

Communications Director

"Getting to know the opinions students have on national and local matters is why Newspaper is important to me."

Raquel Salazar

Communications Director

"Being in East Highlights matters to me because it allows me to be the voice for the E-Rab community and learn about matters both locally and nationwide. "

Natali Cuevas

News Editor

"Newspaper helps me keep the student body informed with current events here at East."

Alyssa Kelley

People Editor

"I like being a part of East’s newspaper team because it's another outlet to express myself and topics that I believe are important."

Elizabeth Martinez


"Newspaper is important to me because I’ve read the newspaper for years, and I wanted to be involved with something my senior year.”

Zach Mosley


"Newspaper is so important because it gives an outlet for more news and expression."

Briana Porras


"Newspaper matters to me because it keeps me involved with all the events that are going on."

Hailey Hunter

Social Media Director

"I use Newspaper to express my E-Rab spirit. Documenting the stories of East High and giving myself and others a chance to express who we are as a school is why Newspaper matters to me."

Jack Bathje

Sports Editor

"Newspaper helps me put out my opinions and give the school a solid news source."

Aly Scott

In-Depth Editor

“Newspaper means a lot to me because it’s a way for me to get my stress out, through writing, and being able to inform others through my writing just gives me a sort of satisfaction.” 

Leila Rydell

Head Photographer

"I am really excited to be able to represent East High school through my pictures."

Zoie Beard

Broadcast Team Member

"Newspaper allows my to build skills that will benefit my future. Plus, I’m able to create a voice for myself and the students of East High.

Karlye DeCastro

Broadcast Team Member

"Newspaper is important in my life because it makes me feel like I have a voice and get to bring light to people's eyes. "  

Leonard Curtis

Assistant Photographer

"This is a great new experience for me. I love being involved at East, and newspaper is a great way to do that."

Sullivan Reilly

Entertainment Editor

"I love being a part of the East Highlights team because I have an outlet to express my creativity that not everyone has, and I get to be in a classroom with some of my favorite E-Rabs."

Martin Lozano

InDepth Editor

"The newspaper helps me strengthen my writing and communication skills. It's important for me and may help me in future projects."

Brittany Glidden


 "Newspaper is such an important part of our democracy, and in today’s political climate, it’s imperative our youth can decipher responsible journalism from noise. My favorite part of teaching this class is seeing how engage...

Adriana Sanchez

Opinions Editor

"Newspaper matters to me because it’s a way to express yourself and show your school spirit."  

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