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Jack Bathje

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

"Newspaper helps me put out my opinions and give the school a solid news source."

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Seniors voice their opinions on the primary election

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor March 9, 2020

   On Mar. 17th, the 2020 Primary election will take place, and for many seniors this will be their first time to voice their opinions. This election’s ballot spans from local officials all the way...

E-Rab athletics continue with many successes

Jack Bathje and Sullivan Reilly February 14, 2020

In the past few weeks East High’s athletics have seen great accomplishments and a lot of successes in many of the featured winter sports ranging from wrestling, boys swim and both boys and girls basketball. According...

Freshman swimmer shatters records

Freshman swimmer shatters records

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor January 15, 2020

   This season, freshman Camden Taylor came onto the scene for high school swimming and already broke three records halfway through the season.    Taylor began swimming in 2011 and is still going...

The Mandalorian blasts into Disney+

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor January 14, 2020

   When Disney+ launched on Nov. 12 of 2019, its original series The Mandalorian debuted, and it was amazing, It lived up to all the hype that had been surrounding it for months. This new take on the...

Streaming services battle for viewers’ attention

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor November 20, 2019

   This November two new streaming services have dropped after months of anticipation. Perhaps the biggest one is Disney + which offers just about every product of Disney, as well as Marvel properties,...

A Promising Future For East Football

Jack Bathje and Leonard Curtis October 31, 2019

  This season started out with promise for the East varsity football team, but that light slowly faded by the end, when chances for making the playoffs disappeared.     To many players the biggest...

Tested Out

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor May 29, 2019

Now that the year is finally wrapping up and standardized testing has finished, summer is within sight, but finals still loom over. This entire year seemed like preparation for tests like the SAT and the...

Netflix v. Hulu

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor May 23, 2019

  Nowadays it seems like we need the instant gratification of streaming the shows or movies that we want in the moment, but with that comes many services that charge vastly in prices and packages for...

Into the Endgame

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor May 14, 2019

   Avengers: Endgame and the success that followed: Just 11 days after its release it raked in over $2.19 Billion, according to a report from CNBC. the past 21 Marvel movies have gathered this intense...

*This graphic shows a better image of why game attendance is so low, out of the 35 students surveyed the highest reason was simply that nobody cares to go.

Where did the “student” in student section go?

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor February 14, 2019

   Throughout this year East’s sports teams have done really well, yet the the student attendance  doesn't seem to back it up. Our own “Rowd-E-Rab” student section is at an all time low, this...

It’s ‘final’ly here

Jack Bathje, Sports Editior December 19, 2018

                                                   With finals basically here, the stress around them has grown. For many, the week building up is...

Politicians target teen voting

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor November 13, 2018

These past few months it's seemed as if everywhere you look it’s a ‘vote for this person” or “don't vote for this person”. All this hype has been directed at the younger generation, in hopes...

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